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My roommates moved out as soon as the semester ended and
left our condo in a wreck expecting me to clean it up by myself.  I
called HomeAide Services and they came out and saved me.  I
had already moved all my furniture out and just needed to get it
ready to turn over to my landlord.  They even arranged for carpet
cleaning for me.  Thanks to the thorough service, I got my whole
deposit back.
~Kevin M., Chapel Hill, NC
My wife and I have used HomeAide Services for more than 10
years now on a biweekly basis.  We've gotten to know the person
coming to our home and trust her to do a great job each time.  
She always calls the night before she comes, even after all these
years.  Using this service keeps our home nice and neat so my
wife can have guests at any moment and spend her free time with
me instead of cleaning the house.  We truly appreciate the
dedicated service we have had with you.  
~David and Anna C., Durham, NC
I found out my mother-in-law was coming unexpectedly and I
needed a last minute service. I contacted HomeAide Services and
got a fast estimate and professional service the very next day.  I
was very pleased with the quality of work and how efficient the
cleaning person was.  I could not have done so much so quickly.  
I will definitely use this service again in the future. Thank you for
your help.
~Carly D., Cary, NC
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